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3-1-1 Given the rules

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In this session, I would like to consider that "What we can challenge the robot competition with Robot-joy members". Because I am still thinking the rules and detail of the competition, when it would be the time, please join us. (Takuya Matsubara)

Draft concept of competition is roughly as follows: ......
・Let's try a simple robot competition at home.
・There is no limit of participants in particular.
・Results will be announced on the online competition. Each player does not actually gathered or so.
・Set the rules as simple as possible.
That is ...... so far. We hope to welcome the inexperienced person of robot competitions as possible.
If you can gain experience with this you may be used to challenge the WRO.

Given the competition field

Collecting the opinions from Robot-Joy Meister Mr. Ooba and Mr. Isogawa, I made a draft of the playing field
→→field 1/ field 2
Print on A4 paper with a software (pdf file).
Then, put 2 papers on the table, four corners will be placed firmly with cellophane tape.

I put "robot" and "(red) ball" on the paper.

That a base of the ball 1.

That a base of the ball 2.

That a base of the ball 3.

The game is something like the following thought.
(1) The robot moving from the start area.
(2) The robot will take the ball.
(3) The robot returns to the start area.
Competition is likely to be ...... simple. What is easy to understand even for beginners?

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