Robojoy challenge class

1-5 Make a carrying robot

We will introduce the basic know-how to make robot using the Lego Mindstorms NXT (hereafter referred to as NXT). "Walking robot" was introduced did not have much option only moving forward and backward. This time I'd like to make the robot move freely, we further grasp things. (Written by Takuya Matsubara)

Here is the underlying part of the robot.
This is just a simple three-wheeled vehicle that is connected with the arm the two motors and intelligent block. One of the tires is made to the caster.
It also appeared this three-wheeled car on the book called "gray book", if you are interested please read (advertising).

And, an ultrasonic sensor as robot eyes.

This is a part of the hand of the robot. Using two 16 teeth gear, but to be able to open and close your fingers from side to side.

It looks like a combination of all. Hardware is now complete.

Please connect the cable as follows.
Port A: Motor of the right tire
Port B: Motor of the left tire
Port C: Motor of the hand
Input port 1: Ultrasonic sensor

This robot can not grab heavy objects, I tried to provide a paper cup. I will try to make a program like this grasp the cup.